Pictures puppy reunion J-Litter [Enjoy] : August 2010

Organizing a puppy reunion on a Sunday in August on which the weather forecast is storm is not a sinecure.

Fortunately the storm was limited to 1 big and 1 small rain shower and wind speeds that went beyond the normals for the time of the year. Sometimes the warm wind was increased by the 7 months old puppies that whizzed by and that were doing the warming up before the part of the dogs games “who’s the fittest?” took place.
The temperature was high enough to do the foreseen excercises outside, such as the agility circuit, the belgian obedience excersises, retrieving, … (see pictures).

That Sunday afternoon all 4 puppy owners and their 7 months old progeny of our dogs, Enjoy and Harley, were present. It was a “happy to see you again” and a “what has he/she changed a lot” after 5 months for those not living nearby.
First of all we let them stretch their legs after a long drive. We held our welcome” words extremely short and tasted if all cakes were good (mostly real football players could eat a horse …) together with a cup of coffee, tea or juice.

All dogs went a long perfectly. They challenged each other for a play and showed the typical border collie playing position. That was only the beginning. Soon we saw how a puppy tackled a becoming pro footballer and how perfectly he could fake pain.

It wasn’t easy to lay down all dogs at one row without their supporting master in the close neighbourhood. The bitches scored best in this excercise of being independable (see pictures).

The photo shoot at which the master could assist their dog went troublefree (see pictures).

The 2 top dogs of the litter seemed to be evolved the same way and took all the unknown obstacles smoothly.

In comparison with the all former reunion we’ve noticed a remarkable advantage: all 4 puppies could retrieve very very well. One did at a distance of a few meters, others at twenty or more. Each puppy brought back the ball nicely towards his master, or at least very close. We were very positively surprised.

The classic items remain reunion after reunion interesting: sniffling corner, distribution of the official Pedigrees, surprise for master and dog, filled sandwiches, …

We express our thanks and gratitude to the families of little Joy, Juna, Juno and Jiro for the lovely presents, but especially for their presence and their sporty behavior, which made the reunion so successful.
We are very happy to see how close the relation between master and dog is after 4 – 5 months. This is only possible thanks to daily training, playing, and being consistent when it needs to be.

Congratulations to all of you.