Pictures puppy reunion J-Litter [Chica] : June 2011
This reunion was the smallest puppy reunion ever held, but no less extensive. Both sons of Chica, Jack and Xam, were present with th ir whole family, except for 1 son. We had a lot of time to chat with the owners.
This was a surprising Hello held after 6m. At birth the huge physical differences had even an opposite effect. Jack has more than made up his disadvantage compared to his blue brother. Jack has become the largest and widest of the pair with the strongest will and temperament. We would not be surprised if Xam, would grow slowly and in the end make up again with his black brother.
Tireless and strong as they are, it was recommended at 30 degrees and more to occasionally stop to relax, to drink something (including the owners) ... especially after doing treibball. That gigantic ball was pushed, headed and shot from one side of the lawn to the other. Frisbees, tennis balls and other smaller balls were flying around and returned like a boomerang again at the owner s.
After 6 hours of celebration the party gang was exhausted and drove back home. Thank you to all present for their attendance and for their sporting efforts.