Pictures puppy reunion N-Litter [Chica x Sunny] : September 2014

On Saturday September 6 the progeny of Chica and Sunny was expected to attend the puppy reunion. It was a fantastic experience after for the 7 months old puppies to see each other again after 5 months.

Apart from playing with each other there was the possibility for the owners and their dog to participate at several activities, e.g. searching candies, retrieve a ball, but also some obedience assignments.

By the time the puppies deserved a rest, a tasty snack and drink for the owners was foreseen, while they could narrate about their puppy and compare what they have in common and on what fields they differ.

The day has been closed with an award ceremony, at which the owners received the pedigree of their puppy and a cup for being such a good boss.

It was a pleasant and cosy afternoon, which we would like to do all over again. Written by Sophie (trainer of Nona)