Pictures puppy reunion N-Litter [Jina x Sunny] : September 2014

Bark, bark,

Where am I?
I push my wet nose against the half open car window and smell a wellknown scent. I want to get out! Finally my boss opens the car door. I'm crazy as I can be, but still I may accompany the other three Musketeers who are running in the big garden. We sniffle around, we roll and tumble, jump and leap, ... All bipeds look laughingly to the black and white swarming.

Who is who?
..., we hear the owners mutter if they try to put us on the leash. Fortunately I do know my owner and .... my favorite candies.Don't underestimate the past months that I've been working to train my boss with a lot of patience and attention... despite my boss still needs my help, so do my utmost to sit, to stand, to follow.It's not easy, because my boss is quite easily abstracted... there's still a lot of work to raise and educate my boss. I try to ignore him as much as possible, however I need to bark now and then, before he wants to listen to me. If then he looks at me with eyes so sweet I can hardly resist and give him a wet kiss.

What is that?
I sharpen my ears and explore with curiosity the wave, the teeter-totter, the jump and crawl attributes. My litter mates are also very interested and above all our bosses are so happy every time we do the right things. Then, you get very thirsty as a dog, so is our boss. He get's tasty snacks, a cup and a pedigree, of which he's very proud. And this is all possible thanks to us; gosh what a superb litter we are. But, Christa and Steven are the pro's and knows to appreciate what we do, so we also get a bag with sweets and toys. GREAT!

Which bird?
Look, an unexpected visitor. That smell, that barking,... this can only be mommy Jina. We run up to her and she likes it to play with us. When our tongue reaches the ground, our boss still wants us to catch the ball, but enough is enough, he can retrieve the ball himself. It takes a while before we get our boss in the right position to take a family picture, even daddy Sunny joins.Cuckoo, look at the bird and say cheese. What? Which cuckoo? And where exactly is the cheese?

Late in the evening I get the boss out even if it's raining cats and dogs... and before I go into my cosy bench, I look to the sofa and see my boss has already fallen asleep... tired but satisfied. And I think: a life without my boss??? No way!!

Bark, Bark, thank you, Christa and Steven. (written by Lola)