Int Sh. Champ. Lowlands of Lys GUAPA GIUPA

D.O.B. 2007 May 29
Call name : Guapa

HDHD : Hip Dysplasia
: B = Free
CEACEA : Collie Eye Anomaly : a recessively inherited eye disorder
: normal by parentage
CLCL : NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis : a lysosomal storage disorder
: normal by parentage
TNSTNS : Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome : a recessively inherited immune disease
: normal by parentage
complete scissor bite
Color : Black / White
TST KKUSHTST KKUSH : Sociabilisation test KKUSH (St-Hubertus, FCI recognized organisation)
(St-Hubertus) : Passed
Obedience Certificate of URCSH

About Guapa
Guapa is the one and only bitch out of the first litter of our first bitch Enjoy. Although Guapa is lively and energetic, shes calm at home and very attached to us. Despite her dynamic nature shes a sensitive type of dog, who shows an aptitude for herding (at the moment only cat herding). Although she likes to romp with the other dogs she can perfectly play some time all by herself. Her best friend is our big Largo from animal shelter, but the feelings are not mutual.
Most important showresults

1 BOB - 10 CAC - 5 CACIB - 1 RCACIB - 1 JCAC

2012 : Romanian Champion
2012 : Grand Bulgarian Champion + Balkan champion + Balkan Winner 2012
2012 : Kroation Champion

Offspring Guapa in combination with following dogs.