Our dogs : Multi Sh. Champ. Flaxblossoms HARLEQUINO

D.O.B. 2008 March 8
Call name : Harley

HD : B = Free
CEA : normal by parentage
CL : normal by parentage
TNS : normal by parentage
complete scissor bite
Color : Black / White
TST KKUSH (St-Hubertus) : Passed
Obedience Certificate of URCSH

At stud only for approved bitches

About Harley
Harley is a home-loving type of dog. The "new househusband" amongst the border collies. A precious fellow who's satisfied with the presence of his owner(s); a real companiable sort. A chummy dog, who's not demanding. A pet, who's happy with a sweet word, a caress or a pat on the back from his beloved master(s). Harley loves the water and is fond of balls. He is active in obedience.
Most important showresults

3 BOB - 11 CAC - 7 RCAC - 4 CACIB - 9 RCACIB

2012 : Grand Bulgarian Champion + Balkan champion + Balkan Winner 2012
2012 : Kroation Champion
2012 : Romanian Champion