Lowlands of Lys Hija de Joy

D.O.B. 2008 October 14
Call name : Joyke

HDHD : Hip Dysplasia
: B = Free
CEACEA : Collie Eye Anomaly : a recessively inherited eye disorder
: normal by parentage
CLCL : NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis : a lysosomal storage disorder
: normal by parentage
TNSTNS : Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome : a recessively inherited immune disease
: normal by parentage
complete scissor bite
Color : Black / White

About Hija de Joy
Hija is a daughter out of the 2nd litter of Enjoy. Its a bitch that is notable for her sweet and gentle character. Shes very attached to her people. Shes not very big, but her heart on the contrary is full of joy for both men and animals. Hija lives with Arne, where shes a fulltime pet.
Every day they go for a stroll in the woods and frequently they come back all muddy.
Further Hija attends obedience classes weekly and to show training regularly. From time to time she does a little show.
Thank you Arne to take care of Hija, to educate her well and to give her the time of her life.
Offspring Joy in combination with following dogs.
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