Lowlands of Lys I'll Follow

D.O.B. 2009 April 26
Call name : Scott

HDHD : Hip Dysplasia
: A = Free
CEACEA : Collie Eye Anomaly : a recessively inherited eye disorder
: normal by parentage
CLCL : NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis : a lysosomal storage disorder
: normal by parentage
TNSTNS : Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome : a recessively inherited immune disease
: normal by parentage
complete scissor bite
Color : Black / White
TST KKUSHTST KKUSH : Sociabilisation test KKUSH (St-Hubertus, FCI recognized organisation)
(St-Hubertus) : Passed
Obedience Certificate of URCSH

At stud only for approved bitches

About I'll Follow
A first home for our first male dog we found at Els and Johan's place. I'll Follow lives together about 4 years with his mother's half brother Heathcliff. While the last one is Johan's best companion and sheep dog, I'll Follow is Elses dearest pet, with who she often goes into town, to the backer, to the post office, and so on.
Sometimes all four of them go together into nature, seeking interesting types of butterflies, big and small muddy puddles, ...
Els prepares her dog well to live and socializes him daily. She subscribed her dearest friend for puppy course and show training and started beginners agility.
Now, Scott has a new and great home and lived together with Saartje and Brecht.