Lowlands of Lys Intuition

D.O.B. 2009 April 26
Call name : Cailin

HD : B = Free
DNA CEA : normal by parentage
DNA CL : normal by parentage
TNS : normal by parentage
complete scissor bite
Color : Black / White

About Intuition
Intuition is a daughter from the 1st litter of Guapa and thus a granddaughter of Enjoy. Thanks to her we keep three generations of bitches.
This dog is very energetic, atletic, powerfull, ....
With love she is taken care of by Jan and Romeo who has started training course as puppy. What discipline she'll follow later depends on the interest of the dog and of course also of the foster family.
Thank you very much Jan and Romeo to reserve a place in your heart and at your home for this cute little dog. We wish you all the best with Intuition.
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