Jessy James Van 't Rublisiehof

D.O.B. 2010 October 14
Call name : Jessy

HDHD : Hip Dysplasia
: B = Free
CEACEA : Collie Eye Anomaly : a recessively inherited eye disorder
: normal by parentage
CLCL : NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis : a lysosomal storage disorder
: normal / clear
TNSTNS : Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome : a recessively inherited immune disease
: normal / clear
Color : Black / White
TST KKUSHTST KKUSH : Sociabilisation test KKUSH (St-Hubertus, FCI recognized organisation)
(St-Hubertus) : Passed
Obedience Certificate of URCSH

About Jessy
Jessy James has'nt stolen her name. She is so very sweet and social towards humans and animals, but is the largest bandit of the pack. Jessy is a very active dog with a lot of listening. She currently participates in obedience training and show. As a young dog she is occasionally confronted with a flock of sheep. Whether they will continue practicing this discipline, largely depends on its motivation and instinct.
Most important results

2012 : Admission to Agility (TAP).

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