NJK Tonkory Sunrise at Lowlands

º April 2 2008
† june 25 2018
Call name : Sunny

HDHD : Hip Dysplasia
: B = Free
CEACEA : Collie Eye Anomaly : a recessively inherited eye disorder
: normal by parentage
CLCL : NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis : a lysosomal storage disorder
: normal by parentage
TNSTNS : Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome : a recessively inherited immune disease
: normal by parentage
complete scissor bite
Color : Black / White
TST KKUSHTST KKUSH : Sociabilisation test KKUSH (St-Hubertus, FCI recognized organisation)
(St-Hubertus) : Passed
Obedience Certificate of URCSH

About Sunny
Our boy Sunny is directly imported from U.K. We felt very lucky when Judith from the reputable Tonkory kennel, England's top breeder since several years, gave us this opportunity. Sunny is very sensitive, attached to his people and very calm at home. He's willing to work and to learn new things. Sunny moves beautifully and has a nice full coat.
Sunny lives at my best friend's place. Besides showing he also attends obedience classes and he loves herding.
Special thanks to breeder Judith for this wonderfull boy.
Most important showresults


2009 : Dutch junior Champion