Puppies : Our approach

Besides the official pedigree of Saint-Hubertus, the European passport, the registration at BVIRH, legal guarantee, chip, de-worming and vaccination we offer the pups a bonus: an optimal socialisation in a stimulating environment; that goes beyond the restricted area of house, garden and kennel ... This implies a firm and stable basis or their further upbringing, an inestimable surplus value for life. Please take a look at the pictures

The fact is that the puppies are born in our house and they grow up together with cats. The room next to the kitchen is in all aspects ideal to accomodate a litter. First of all the pups are soon used to all daily household activities and other animals, secondly the room has direct entry to the garden. Therefor toilet training can start at a very early stadium. The puppies toilet is namely installed in the immediate surrounding of the puppy room to stimulate the little ones to answer nature's call outside.

We socialise our pups as much as possible on normal standard situations. More details can be found on socialization. and have a look to pictures and movies.

At the age of 8 weeks the puppies leave our home and go to their owners, who are well prepared at the arrival of the long-awaited by reading the first part of the puppy guide. At departure time the new masters receive the international pasport, a proof of tested eyes by the pets opthamologist and a puppybag with nutrition. The character test done by a dog therapist, practical tips and a socialisation scheme in the form of a check list is to be read in the second part of the guide. The pups are accompagnied by their cuddly toy that holdsthe "aroma" of the litter in order to make the transfer comfortableand the adaption to their new home easier.

We provide each new owner the opportunity to a pre-puppy course.
The course consists of:

  • a theoretical part: preparing for the arrival of your puppy
  • a practical part: basic exercises obedience for your puppy.
The classes are taught by Steven, who's qualified dog instructor and gives practical lessons in the dog school 'De Wijze Hond' Anzegem.

All of our puppies are sold with a valid sale-purchase contract and in the interest of the animal. Herein stands among other a clause that gives us the repurchase and reassignment rights if the buyer can not vouch for the good of unforeseen circumstances his dog. That way we do not want our dogs end up in a shelter or in the wrong hands (backyard breeders).

The official Pedigree of St-Hubert is presented at the reunion a social gathering and a happy meeting of the six months old puppies. ( see pictures )

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